среда, 1 августа 2012 г.

Bon appetit!

Today I want to share with you my observation about all the possible diets and proper nutrition. For the past 5 years I lived on a clear timetable. I eat at the same time. You just do not think I'm a robot. And I happen to break, when you eat all that is in the fridge! But it is extremely rare.
I taught myself to give up certain foods, eating smaller portions, do not eat after 7. To be more precise, I have dinner at 17.30. After that, I can eat yogurt before bed. But I do not always want to! And this is no big deal. This is a matter of habit!
For a long time I hold to the same weight around, which increased only after someone's birthday. While there I learned to control myself, I try not to try everything and have mostly vegetables and fruit ... and a fat chicken let someone else eat up!
Why am I writing about this? It's a little thought about my girlfriend. She eats a lot, and junk food. All the while aches that has gained in weight. But All you need a bit of willpower!

Todays breakfast!


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